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Mini red panda felt toy that comes in its own bespoke matchbox. Complete with pillow and bedding - perfect for tucking in at night time. Your little friend also comes with an adoption certificate, collectible playing card, and thank you card.
Handmade from felt this mini red panda toy stands 110mm high and is perfect for your kids to that with them on their travels and adventures. Your little friend is small enough to fit in a pocket and comes with its own matchbox and bedding.
Front view of mini red panda toy. A perfect little gift for any red panda lover. Super cute, handmade from left over felt and a great keepsake present. Your little friend loves to cuddle, give hugs and comes with their own matchbox to sleep in. A wonderful stocking filler at christmas.
Back view of mini red panda toy. Why not adopt a cute little friend? Handmade with love this small felt red panda comes with its own adoption certificate and thank you card. There are many different animals to collect and each comes with their own collectible playing card.

Mini Felt Red Panda in a card box

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Looking for the perfect companion to join you on all your adventures? Meet Roxy Red Panda – standing at just 8cm tall, she's small enough to take with you wherever you go. And when it's time to say goodnight, she'll sleep soundly in her cozy bed, tucked inside her matchbox carrying case.

But Roxy isn't just cute and cuddly – she's also sustainable! Made from the felt offcuts of our sewing kits, we strive to reuse as much of our materials as possible. And any remnants are donated to a local infant school for creative projects.

When you adopt Roxy, you'll also receive a collectible playing card and an official adoption certificate. Plus, with handmade bedding that may vary in pattern and color, each Roxy is truly one-of-a-kind. If you have a preference for a certain color, just contact us through the website and we'll do our best to accommodate.

So why wait? Add Roxy Red Panda to your family today and make her your go-to companion for all your daytime adventures!

Card matchbox size: 75mm (w) x 110mm (h) x 26mm (d)

Not suitable for children aged 3 years or under. Due to the delicate materials, and the fact it has been hand sewn, we recommend care is taken if using as a toy.


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Have you heard about Roxy Red Panda

She's a lively and adventurous little red panda who calls the south side of the Isles of Oddly home. Roxy is an avid explorer, spending her days running through the forests, climbing the highest peaks, and splashing around in the streams. At night, she loves nothing more than curling up in her treehouse and watching the fireflies dance in the sky. With her cheerful personality and positive attitude, Roxy is a beloved member of the community and always ready for a new adventure.